December 14, 2013

A Museum and 12 Design Schools improving Design Topics on Wikipedia

Kick Off Meeting at the Design Museum in Barcelona
 The Design Museum of Barcelona (Museu del Disseny de Barcelona) has initiated a  collaborative project between Amical Wikimedia and a number of art and design schools and universities in Catalonia. The aim is to promote the presence of design on Wikipedia, and stengthen relations between the museum and education centres, as well as, highlighting and making the information generated by these institutions accessible on the internet.

A leader due to its characteristics at an international level, this Wiki-project will run until the end of the 2013-2014 school year, and will culminate with a wiki-marathon at the Museum's Documetation Centre, located at the Disseny Hub Barcelona building in Glories Plaza.

The following centres are participating in the project: The Escola Superior de Conservació i Restauració de Béns Culturals de Catalunya (ESCRBCC), Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona, Escola Municipal d'Art Illa, Fundació Història del Disseny, ESDAP LLotja, Escola Massana d'Art i Disseny, Escola Municipal d'Art Arsenal, Bau. Centre Universitari de Disseny, Escola d'art i disseny de Sant Cugat, Escola Superior de Disseny Felicidad Duce, EINA. Centre universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona adscrit a la UAB, and The Grau en Disseny de la Universitat de Barcelona, Facultat de Belles Arts- GRACMON (Grup de Recerca en Història de l'Art i el Disseny Contemporanis).

We'd also like to note that Viquiprojecte: Museu del Disseny is the second part of a collaborative project with popular online encyclopedia that was initiated in 2011. The project served to promote the Museum's collections on Wikipedia, as well as, Catalan design and the designers most representative of Catalonia.